We Compare, You Gain

Until today, the pharmacist was seeking the best deals at wholesale prices, randomly on the web and through the limited available sources they had direct access to, also provided that they had the required time to invest on.

ACCESSIA being active and experienced in the pharmaceutical sector, recognized the need to introduce the Wholesale Deals service and make a change.

Soon, every pharmacist will have the chance to become more competitive and at the same time increase their profit margin, having the adequate data comparison information without any cost or risk, but with the most easily accessible, fast and direct way!

Wholesale Deals is the new service of ACCESSIA, that gives direct access to all the pharmacists across the country at the best wholesale pricing deals, for all products sold in a pharmacy.

From now on, we can collect deals every day throughout Greece from all suppliers in the sector, compare their prices and offer the pharmacists the best choices of the market.
The process for the pharmacist is simple; by calling the dealing room of ACCESSIA or sending us a list of the products of their interest, via e-mail, Viber or WhatsApp, they can be informed about the best deal per product and submit a purchase order:
Totally free of charge, with no subscription or other obligation
With absolute transparency

Offer your products to wholesaledeals and increase your sales with us!

What You Gain

The healthcare professional’s engagement solution that connects, converts, and supports HCPs.
  • Through Wholesale Deals, you are given the chance to communicate your deals quickly throughout the country and expand your sales to pharmacies that you have no direct and/or established cooperation with.

  • Sales in 3 simple steps:
  • Support Team

Flexible cooperation with no risk

With no registration or subscription cost, or any other obligations, you can enable or cancel your product deals on Wholesale Deals. You are charged at the end of each month only for the sales achieved to your benefit through the service, according to the commission price list.

How It Works

Service Operation

We provide your healthcare organization with compliant integrated services which can substantially increase your patient pipeline from initial lead capture, through post visit or procedure, and short or long term care

Service Products

Any product, medicine and parapharmaceutical sold in pharmacies.

Deal Submissions

Start now! We invite you to submit your deal for the products you wish to promote through Wholesale Deals, on your terms and conditions. For your deal to be posted on the platform, you are required to send us an XLS file in the specific format that will be sent to you. The submission of a deal is a dynamic process and you are free to submit a new or supplementary deal any time.

Special Deals

Your special deals are promoted separately under a special scheme. A new bunch of Special Deals per week can be communicated to all the pharmacies.


Solely the substance of the deals and not their suppliers is communicated to the customers, except from that who will receive the purchase order of the customer. At the same time, it is ensured that the information of your deals are deemed and kept confidential and are protected against competition.

Transport Costs

You can set the minimum order value where no transport costs are charged. In case the order value is below the requested limit, the customer will be charged with transport costs. You should communicate the policy for transport cost charges applicable throughout Greece to us.


On an everyday and monthly basis you will be able to receive a set of information, such as:

  • Order Forms, nominal & aggregate.
  • «Sell-In» statistics for the categories and products that achieved the highest purchase interest in the service.

Become Our Partner!

For more information on the price list and the operation of Wholesale Deals, please, contact us. We will be happy to be of your service.