A unique virtual contact experience

Accessia is a fully customized Contact Center, exclusive for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry offering an essential virtual environment for accessing market, developing business and driving growth. We are also a source of support, guidance, training and reassurance for customers in times of transformation.


A plug and play process

We have the advantage of working within your industry with multiple companies and peers across many product categories and specialties. Our insights draw from a wide range of live experiences and commercial efforts. We can help you identify the opportunities, define a successful outreach strategy and mitigate risk. We undertake all project steps in full, from zero to rollout without committing your resources..


We deliver sales targets

We provide you with the opportunity to adapt, pivot and innovate by offering a multichannel access service to your target audience. We communicate virtually, on your behalf, by telephone, videocall, email and SMS supporting a wide range of remote contact strategies, offering a complete commercial package to help you thrive in the industry.