Our services on your demand

We are constantly innovating to power the best customer experience. We engage with customers through the channels they prefer: Τelephone, VideoCall, Εmail and SMS.

Outsourced Services

1. Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare professional’s engagement solution that connects, converts, and supports HCPs.


  • Telesales
    i. Exclusive campaigns
    ii. Combined campaigns (for commercial offers only)
  • Inside sales
  • Tele-Detailing
  • Surveys
  • Email campaigns (exclusive or combined with other services)
  • SMS campaigns (exclusive or combined to other services
  • Inbound campaigns
  • Wholesale Deals
  • Market Intelligence


  • Telesales
  • Teledetailing
  • Medical information
  • Lead Generation
  • Surveys
  • Email campaigns (exclusive or combined to other services)

From single products to full portfolio campaigns

2. Patients

The Patient Engagement Solutions that connects, converts and manages patients for physicians and healthcare providers.


We provide your healthcare organization with compliant integrated services which can substantially increase your patient pipeline from initial lead capture, through post visit or procedure, and short or long term care:

  • Tele-Health
  • Patient Care
  • Μedical Call Center

In-house Services

3. Employees

The Employee Virtual Engagement Solution for In-house or remote teams.


We provide a full package solution for industry companies that are considering or have already set up an in-house contact center or inside sales division. The package includes all essentials to power a division’s effectiveness & performance outcomes:

  • Technology (CRM & Contact Center)
  • Remote Team’s Monitoring & Coaching
  • Remote Team’s & Project’s Reporting & Evaluation
  • Communication’s strategy & tools
  • Systems management & support

You commit your human resources. We take over all the rest

  • Substantial gains in cost efficiency
  • Fast implementation & reach
  • Access to unique expertise, knowledge and best practice
  • Access to transformative technologies & facilities
  • Access to talent, special skills and training
  • Secure data-rich handling
  • Meet strategic, financial, and operating needs
  • Enhance operational effectiveness